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Matchmaker in food
FFT International Matchmaker in Food

Brings the best in European food solutions to Asia

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FFT International Matchmaker in food

We are a modern food marketing and sourcing company active in product and business development for Asian markets and markets in Australia and New Sealand. We find effective, smart, and cost saving solutions for our clients in retail, foodservice and hospitality.
We bring solutions that will make your business grow.



FFT International evolved from one of the oldest (1863) trading houses in the world, to a specialized food marketing company.

Our highly skilled team works from our offices in The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and the Philippines. From these locations we have easy access to any location in the world. We travel to the Middle-East and Asia regularly. Our experienced and multilingual team is keeping a close watch on food business anywhere. By watching trends, researching markets and through our extensive network we make sure our clients are always right up to date with their product categories. We work with the highly experienced and creative partners in food concept development with the only objective to optimize results. The results can be in cost optimalisation, product- and quality standardisation, growing the category and increasing value.


Food for growth

Our mission is as strong as it is short.

Everything we do is helping you to optimise your business and grow. We do this in a fair, honest and transparant way by sharing by our knowledge and passion for food categories and market insights.

Food for growth is for everyone

To us social responsibility means giving something in return to the people of some of the countries we do business with. We do this by supporting the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation in the Philippines and the food bank Feeding Hong Kong in Hong Kong.

Kaisahang Buhay Foundation

FFT yearly donates a fixed percentage of its profit to help children in need and to give them a chance for a happy youth and a bright future which is what we feel every child is entitled to.
We support a day care centre for 50 pre-school children through the Kaisahang Buhay Foundation (KBF) of the Philippines.The location of the project is Barangay Duyan Duyan, which is a slum in Quezon City. In this district there is a permanent lack of economic means that leads to extreme poverty.Parents who have work, often have to leave their small children alone at home without any care. There is no school, there are no hygienic measures and the kids are not fed the way children should be.

Due to the KBF and their good care and nourishment, the children are in a better condition. They learn how to behave with their peers and to treat adults with respect. Furthermore they learn certain abilities that are necessary when going to school. They are offered a safe haven where there is no neglect nor abuse. The parents will be involved in the program and are instructed on healthy food and personal hygiene and are asked to contribute which increases their involvement. Awareness is stimulated that changes for the better can be made and the parents can count on support on different issues, like small credits for income-generating initiatives.

Feeding Hong Kong

A more recent project we support is Feeding Hong Kong.
 Feeding Hong Kong is the first Hong Kong food bank dedicated to rescuing surplus nutritious food from retailers, distributors and manufacturers and redistributing it to people in need. Their task is to fight hunger in Hong Kong and at the same time reduce the amount of quality food that is being sent to the city’s landfills

Our solutions in food result in clever cost- and time saving propositions .
Beyond our sourcing and trading activities we help you to develop differentiating food concepts that will make you stand out with your competitors.

Jobs at FFT International Food Specialities

At this moment we do not have any open positions at FFT International. However, we are always interested in meeting people who have experience in a combination of marketing and sales in FMCG in Asia.

Although we do not have any open positions, your resume, track record and your motivation might convince us to meet up with you.


Our team

The FFT Team

Combined we have more than 25 years of solid experience in the food industry.
We have a passion for food and for finding clever solutions in the food industry.

The young and hard working team of FFT speaks 6 European languages and can open doors in most European countries.

We closely work with the product development teams of our principals/

Besides the core team we work with a group of independent professionals each of them having a thorough specialisation.

Our experienced logistics department ensures cost efficient transport worldwide, smart consolidation services, top notch document flow

 and- when desired even a – door to door service!


Food solutions

Our extensive network allows acces to the best solutions for most business in food.
Because of our long history and broad experience we  find the best match between producers, retailers,
foodservice operators and end consumers.

We recognize opportunities in your market well in advance, provide customised solutions and create the optimal match
between supply and demand. Our working method is fast and flexible resulting in a short time to market.

This makes FFT the ‘Matchmaker in food’


Today private labels are  unlike the generic offerings of the past,  carefully managed and marketed in order to improve the retailers competitive edge. Private labels and store brands are the retailers way to differentiate . Many are now seen as brands in their own right and give best value rather than just the lowest price. At FFT we embrace new approaches to the development of private labels and store brands in the face of an increasingly competitive grocery landscape

Our secret for your success is a unique blend of in-deep business knowledge developed through partnership with our associates, backed by long A-brand experience and hands on retail insights.

Besides store brands you can also work with adapted versions of FFTs own umbrella brand concepts

Our product selections are based on flavors, packaging formats and shelflife requirements suitable for Asian markets. In particular those Asian markets where the growing middle class starts to appreciate Western style food.

We have solid competency in the following product categories:


Ice Cream

Shelf stable sauces, dressings, spice mixes and soups

Bacon and sausage




Contact us, we would love to get to know you and your business.

Together we can make your business grow.
We are always willing to make time for you.

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